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Tracing the Heroic Through Gender

by Carolin Hauck, Monika Mommertz, Andreas Schlüter, Thomas Seedorf (Eds.), Helden - Heroisierungen - Heroismen, Vol. 8

Hauck, u.a., Tracing the Heroic Through Gender

Table of Contents

Entire Volume
Page 1–208

Title / Table of Contents
Page 1–6

Page 7–8

Anke Charton
"I canti esaltino il suo valore". Gendering the Operatic Sound of the Heroic
Page 9–24

Birgit Mikus
Untangling the Heroic from the Sacrifice. Malwida von Meysenbug's Attempt to Appropriate a Common Female Topos in and for her Political Novel Phädra (1885)
Page 25–38

Eva Struhal
Heroes and Anti-Heroes. Reformulating the Heroic at the Accademia degli Apatisti in Seventeenth-Century Florence
Page 39–58

Barbara Becker-Cantarino
The Dramatic Hero in the Gendered Imaginary of Early Modern Germany. Judith and Holofernes
Page 59–74

Christiane Hansen
Gendering Fear. Heroic Figurations and Fearful Imagination in Restoration Drama
Page 75–92

Helen Watanabe-O'Kelly
From Viragos to Valkyries. Transformations of the Heroic Warrior Woman in German Literature from the Seventeenth to the Nineteenth Century
Page 93–106

Madeleine Brook
Creating and Subverting German Models of Galanterie? Heroes and Heroines in Texts by Christian Friedrich Hunold and Maria Aurora von Königsmarck
Page 107–124

Laura Mª Lojo-Rodríguez
Victorian Male Heroes and Romance in Elizabeth Bowen's Short Fiction
Page 125–136

Petra Polláková
A Melancholy Look from Fearless Eyes. Metamorphoses of a 'Dangerous' Heroine of the Romantic Period
Page 137–156

Melanie Unseld
When Heroes Sigh. Sentimental Heroism in Opera Culture Around 1800
Page 157–176

Anne-Marie Metzger
The Reigning Woman as a Heroic Monarch? Maria Theresa Traced as Sovereign, Wife, and Mother
Page 177–200

The Authors
Page 201–204

Index of Names
Page 205–208