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helden. heroes. héros. 1.1 (2013): Helden - Heroisierungen - Heroismen

Ralf von den Hoff, Ronald G. Asch, Achim Aurnhammer, Ulrich Bröckling, Barbara Korte, Jörn Leonhard und Birgit Studt

The article deals with the conceptual foundation of the Collaborative Research Center 948 and delves into the core aspects which again and again have posed challenges to the various projects. In addition to clarifying the terminology being studied, “heroes,” “heroizations” and “heroisms,” the authors also specify the content. They emphasize that it is exactly this contradiction in which the exceptionality of heroic figures both stabilizes and questions the social orders in which they exist that will be examined. Heroic cultures, together with their historical traditions and transformations are seen as phenomena of the longue durée. In addition to its principally social functions, the medial-communicative construction of the heroic is also of interest.

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