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helden. heroes. héros. E-Journal zu Kulturen des Heroischen


Articles: The e-Journal publishes academic papers on aspects of the heroic from specific heroic figures and heroization processes to the reception, emulation and perpetuation of heroes and heroic behavior.

Debates: Heroes, heroizations and heroisms are constantly points of contention – not only in historical times, but also in the present, which is likewise defined by crises and conjunctures of the heroic. The e-Journal would like to serve as a platform for debate in well-founded, brief, and disputable statements and comments.

Literature Reviews: In the Journal new publications dealing with the heroic as well as those topics which are closely or slightly less related to the heroic are discussed.

Reports: The Journal also reports on hero-relevant events: conferences, workshops, lectures, exhibits, etc.

Notable Finds: Heroes are ubiquitous: online, in film and on TV, in newspapers and on advertisements, in graffiti. The Journal would also like to document the presence of heroes in everyday life which is why interesting, humorous and dubious finds are presented here in short, essay-like texts.

My private hero: We all have to admit that deep down even those who are active in the rational discourse of academia and science have their heroes. Here is your opportunity to introduce them clearly and directly – and by all means with a little tongue-in-cheek.

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