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Project INF: Online Portal “Heroes – Heroizations – Heroisms”

Principal Investigators:
Dr. Antje KellersohnProf. Dr. Franz Leithold

Research associates: 
Elke MöllerRainer RombachElena Wiener 

Involved disciplines:
digital humanities, film studies, library studies


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INF aims to develop the online portal ‘Heroes – Heroizations – Heroisms’ in order to provide a sustainable, accessible and multimedia presentation of the SFB’s results. This presentation contributes significantly to the structuring and interactive usability of the SFB’s research results for the wider public. Using methods of digital humanities, INF supports the researchers at the SFB, thereby strengthening interdisciplinary cooperation and collaboration. INF identifies suitable multimedia formats to present the SFB’s findings to specific target audiences. Innovative formats of knowledge transfer will be developed in keeping with the SFB’s conception of its concluding period, with its emphasis on syntheses, an exhibition and a school project. INF is guided by the specific requirements of individual disciplines, as well as of the interested public, teachers and pupils. The content and the multimedia, interactive formats are developed in close cooperation with the researchers at the SFB. As a memory institution, the University Library ensures sustainable access to and the long-term preservation of the SFB’s research results on the portal.

INF will further contribute to the long-term usability and availability of the SFB’s research data in three main ways: firstly, it will provide professional, systematic and sustainable management of the research data collected or produced within the SFB; secondly, it will offer the tools for (metadata) indexing, publication and the visualization of research results, including the underlying primary data; and, thirdly, it will archive the data beyond the SFB’s funding period.