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taz, “The museum guide. 30 years after the poison gas attack in Iraq” | 20th December 2019

Olmo Gölz, member of project group D14, is quoted in an article about the use of poison gas against the Kurdish population in Iraq during the first Gulf War. Find the article here...

Deutschlandfunk, “Does Democracy Need Heroes?” | 5th November 2019

We recognise heroes from antiquity, films and comic books, but in our enlightened, democratic society, they are out of place. Or are they? Could heroes help to overcome the crisis of democracy? Franziska Martinsen and Ulrich Bröckling, leader of project group D12, discuss these questions on radio station Deutschlandfunk. Find the episode here...

Badische Zeitung, “Academics explain why athletes are admired like heroes” |  26th October 2019

Regional newspaper Badische Zeitung contains a long write-up on the conference “Sport and the Heroic”, organized by project group D9. You can read the article “Academics explain why athletes are admired like heroes” on the website of the Badische Zeitung. Find the article here (paywall)...

Deutschlandfunk, “From the Cultural and Social Sciences” | 24th October 2019

In its programme “From the Cultural and Social Sciences”, radio station Deutschlandfunk reports on project group D9’s conference, “Sport and the Heroic”. Find the audio clip here…

SRF, “From Greta to Mandela. Heroes are made; they do not exist in and of themselves” | 12th October 2019

Ralf von den Hoff, speaker of SFB 948 and leader of project group D1, talks to Swiss broadcasting company SRF about the significance of heroes in society and how heroes are created. Find the clip and corresponding transcript here…

Augsburger Allgemeine, "He tenderly named each gun barrel" | 12th September 2019
At the History Slam, five young scientists exposed the various peculiarities of Emperor Maximilian I. Among them was Dennis Pulina, a researcher at Project D3, whose research focuses on the heroizations of Maximilian I in the Latin epic. Find the article here.

Nürnberger Nachrichten, "Just save the world" | 14th September 2019
The research of Prof. Ulrich Bröckling, Project D12 leader, is addressed in an article on new heroines such as Carola Rackete, Greta Thunberg and Megan Rapinoe in the Nürnberger Nachrichten.

"One Eye on Iran" | 5th September 2019
Dr. Olmo Gölz, member of Project D14, is featured on the podcast "One Eye on Iran". In the third episode, "Heroes, Gangsters and Violent Actors", he talks about how heroes are made and he explores the traditional Iranian masculine ideal. Additionally, Olmo Gölz describes two violent actors of the Pahlavi era, the heroes of the revolution, of the Iran-Iraq war and of today. The podcast is available on Soundcloud, Spotify, iTunes and

SWR 2, "Forum" | 18th July 2018
Prof. Ralf von den Hoff, speaker of the collaborative research centre SFB 948 and leader of Project D1, features on the radio culture programme SWR2 Forum. He discusses the topic "From Stauffenberg to Rackete - How do images of heroes change?". Find the website here.