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Winter Semester 2014/15

Guests of the SFB 948

Visiting Researchers

  • Prof. Dr. Jan N. Bremmer
    University of Groningen, Classical and Religious Studies
    Project: "From Heroes to Holy Men: Continuity or Discontinuity?"

Stipendiary of the IGK

  • Marion Deschamp
    Centre March Bloch, Berlin / Université Lumière Lyon 2, History
    Project: "Temples of Memory. The Heroization of the Church Fathers of the Reformation in Collections of Vitas and Portraits (16th and 17th Centuries)"

  • Anne-Marie Wurster
    University of Tübingen, Musicology
    Project: "Church Music as a Means of Heroizing Empress Maria Theresa within the Context of Opposing Baroque and Aufklärung Concepts"