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Summer Semester 2015

Guests of the SFB 948

Visiting Researchers

  • Prof. Dr. Tolga U. Esmer
    Central European University, Budapest, History
    Project: "Bandits, Saints, and Ethno-Martyrs: Remembering a Muslim Frontier Family in the 'Age of Nationalism' in the Balkans"

  • Prof. Dr. Holger Hoock
    University of Pittsburgh, History
    Project: "Civil War in the British Empire: Practices, Representations, and Legacies of Violence in the American Revolution and Revolutionary War"

  • Benjamin van Tourhout
    KU Leuven, LUCA School of Arts
    Playwright and Theater Director, Principal Investigator in the Project "Facing the Hero" (LUCA School of Arts)
    Project: "How to Touch the Untouchables? How Can a Historical Hero Shed an Ethical Light on Contemporary Paradigms, through Theatrical Narrative?"

Stipendiary of the IGK

  • Klaudija Sabo
    University of Vienna, History of Art
    Project: "Ikonen der Nationen. Mythendarstellungen im ex-jugoslawischen Raum"
    ("Icons of the Nations. Myth Building in Former Yugoslavia")