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From the consecration vessel to the drone. Material Cultures of the Heroic in Transition


All lectures will be held in German and begin at 8:15pm in Lecture Hall 1199 of University Building (KG) I.

Wed., November 12, 2014
Exceptional achievement and religious veneration
  • "The Heroism in Drinking: A Wine Goblet for Heracles"
    Prof. Dr. Ralf von den Hoff (Classical Archaeology)
  • "Recognizing the Hero in the Poet: The relief by Archelaus of Priene"
    Prof. Dr. Sitta von Reden (Ancient History)

Wed., November 19, 2014
Middle Ages
Mediums of ruler heroization
  • "Between Image Politics and Idolatry: The Statues of Pope Boniface VIII"
    Prof. Dr. Hans W. Hubert (Art History)
  • "Laurel, Fleece and Fire Steel. Reviving Antiquity in Ruler Heroization: The Medals of Giovanni Candida for Charles the Bold and the Burgundian Court (ca. 1472 – 1480)"
    Prof. Dr. Birgit Studt (Medieval History)

Wed., November 26, 2014
Early Modern Age
So as not to forget: Living on in image
  • "The Scuffle in Artists’ Heaven: The ‘Apotheosis of Joachim von Sandrart’ (pen and ink drawing from 1682)"
    Prof. Dr. Anna Schreurs-Morét (Art History)
  • "le sue immagini fanno in bronzo, in oro, in cammei, in stampa… A print image of Savonarola in the fight for the destruction or the preservation of his legacy"
    Prof. Dr. Felix Heinzer (Medieval Latin Philology)

Wed., December 3, 2014
18th/19th centuries
Shared heroes
  • "The Bourgeois Hero Collective on Stage: Le Siége de Calais (1765) in French patriotism discourse"
    Prof. Dr. Ronald G. Asch (Modern History)
  • "Georg Büchner’s Heroization of the Bourgeois Hero Collective: Der Heldentod der vierhundert Pforzheimer (The Hero’s Death of the 400 Pforzheimer) (1829/30)"
    Prof. Dr. Achim Aurnhammer (Modern German Literature)

Wed., December 10, 2014
19th/20th centuries
  • "Heroes as Gifts: A Gift Book for Young Readers on the Eve of the First World War"
    Prof. Dr. Barbara Korte (British Literature and Cultural Studies)
  • "The Hero as Souvenir: Of Admirals and Bookmarks"
    Dr. Ulrike Zimmermann (British Literature and Cultural Studies)

Wed., January 14, 2015
19th/20th centuries
Arenas of the heroic
  • "Music – Theater – Heroes – Cult: The Bayreuth Festival Theatre"
    Prof. Dr. Thomas Seedorf (Musicology)
  • "Stadiums of Heroization: Le Parc des Princes"
    Prof. Dr. Andreas Gelz (Romance Languages and Literatures)

Wed., January 28, 2015
20th century
New heroes in the age of total wars?
  • "Heroes as victims, victims as heroes: An arm prosthesis from the First World War"
    Prof. Dr. Jörn Leonhard (History of Western Romanic Europe)
  • "The Commissioning of a Russian National Hero: The Order of Suvorov (1942 / 2010)"
    Prof. Dr. Dietmar Neutatz (East European History)

Wed., February 4, 2015
21st century
Machines and magic
  • "The Politics of Precision Killing and the End of Military Heroism: Drones"
    Prof. Dr. Ulrich Bröckling (Sociology)
  • "The Order of the Phoenix: The Magic Wand and the Return of the Hero in British Popular Culture"
    PD Dr. Stefanie Lethbridge (British Literature and Cultural Studies)

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