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Heroism as a Global Phenomenon in Popular Culture


Thursday, September 28, 2017

From 14.00  Coffee, Registration at FRIAS Freiburg
15.00 Introduction
15.00 Barbara Korte (Freiburg) & Simon Wendt (Frankfurt a. M.): ‘Global and Popular Heroism’: Theoretical Concepts and Approaches
Panel I: American Heroes Go Global 1
15.30 Nicole Falkenhayner, Maria-Xenia Hardt, Julia Ditter, Özlem Sarica (Freiburg): One Hero Fits All? The Case of ‘Doctor Strange’ and New Frictions in Cultural Translation
16.00 Dietmar Neutatz (Freiburg): ‘Guardians’ [Zašcitniki]: A Russian-Soviet Answer to Superman and Batman
16.30 Plenary Comments
16.45 Coffee
Panel II: American Heroes Go Global 2
17.15 Michael Butter (Tübingen): The Transnational Heroization of Donald Trump
17.45 Wolfgang Hochbruck (Freiburg): Axe and Helmet: The Increasing Range of New York Firefighters as (Super)Heroes
18.15 Plenary Comments
19.30 Dinner at FRIAS

Friday, September 29, 2017

Panel I: Travelling Traditions
10.00 Nadja Gernalzick (Mainz): The Hagakure between Japan, Germany and the US
10.30 Ricardo Mak (Hong Kong): Shaolin Martial Arts Heroes in Industrial Hong Kong
11.00 Binoy B. Agarwal (New Delhi): Reinventing Superheroes: Global Superheroes with an Indian Twist
11.30 Plenary Comments
11.45 Lunch at FRIAS
Panel II: Heroes or Villains?
13.15 Sugata Nandi (Kolkata): Gangsters are Desi: Indianization of a Hollywood Stereotype
13.45 Ken Chitwood (Gainesville, FL): Hero and/or Villain?: ‘The 99’, Mixed Reception, & the Study and Popular Conceptualizations of Global Islam
14.15 Ariel Heryanto (Monash, AUS): The Transnational Interface of Heroes, Villains, and Those in Between
14.45 Plenary Comments
15.00 Coffee
Panel III: (Post)Imperial Heroes
15.30 Konstanze N’Guessan (Mainz) & Mareike Späth (Frankfurt a. M.): ‘Y’a bon?’ Popularizing tirailleurs africains as heroes of (anti) colonialism
16.00 Michael Goodrum (Canterbury): Biggles, Britain and
(Imperial?) Heroism
16.30 Sonjah S. Niaah (Mona, West Indies): ‘Outlaw Hero’ – Bob Marley, Reggae and Rastapolitism into the New Millennium
17.00 Plenary Comments
19.00 Conference Buffet
20.00 Film Screening at KoKi, Freiburg: Der große Japaner (2007)

Saturday, September 30, 2017

From 9.00 Coffee
Panel IV: Politics and Popular Culture
9.30 Sotirios Kimon Mouzakis (Freiburg): Princess at Home, Heroine Around the World. Disney’s Female Protagonists as a Phenomenon of Global Heroism
10.00 Shuxi YIN (Hefei): Narratives about Heroes in Chinese Cinema: Analysis of Hero (2002)
10.30 Rüstem Ertug Altinay (New York): Gay Alien Seeking Democracy: Queer Adaptation, Heroism, and Political Critique in Turkey
11.00 Plenary Comments
11.15 Final Comments and Discussion