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Workshop | "Work, Workers, and the Heroization of Everyday Life in Global Perspective" (June 8–9)

Heroes are not only found on the battlefield, but also in everyday life. During the twentieth century, the focus shifted to the workplace in particular. Socialist societies celebrated heroes of labour, but workers in capitalist societies were honoured for heroic deeds as well. This workshop discusses these processes in China, the Soviet Union, Romania, the USA and Great Britain.

Date: June 8–9, 2018
Place: Werthmannstr. 8 / Rear building, 1st Floor, Room 01011

The workshop programme can be found here.

The workshop is organized by Nicola Spakowski (University of Freiburg) and Simon Wendt (Goethe University Frankfurt / University of Freiburg), in cooperation with the Goethe University Frankfurt and the Konfuzius Institut at the University of Freiburg.

Due to limited space, participants are requested to sign up via email by May 30: