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New Release | Zhuangying Chen and Achim Aurnhammer "Deutsch-chinesische Helden und Anti-Helden"

 by Zhuangying Chen and Achim Aurnhammer:

Deutsch-chinesische Helden und Anti-Helden. Strategien der Heroisierung und Deheroisierung in interkultureller Perspektive, Helden - Heroisierungen - Heroismen, Vol. 13

This volume elucidates the changing relationship between heroization and othering in a German-Chinese cultural comparison. Intercultural case studies illustrate which representatives of German culture and history were subjected to a process of heroization or were disparaged as negative anti-heroes in Chinese culture. Vice versa, Chinese figures who adopted a corresponding heroic or antiheroic function within the German-speaking world are also examined. This German-Chinese dialogue, in which cultural scientists from Germany and China participate, is guided by the assumption that processes of heroization and de-heroization represent paradigmatic focal points in the economics of intercultural transfer. The relationship between individual and collective heroism and the meaning of alienness - be it of Chinese or German characteristics - when importing heroes offer new perspectives insofar as these importations prove to be complex and inconsistent.

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