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The Heroic, Media and Affect Entanglements in Fictional Forms and Everyday Life


Freitag, 14 Dezember

9:00 Welcome and Introduction
Nicole Falkenhayner (Freiburg, G)
Panel 1: What Do We Medially Construct as Heroic Affect – and Why?
9:20 Alene I Vildmarken – Heroes on Reality TV? Anne Jerslev (Kopenhagen, DK)
10:10 Heroic Affect is Not Innocent Benjamin van Tourhout (Leuven, B)
11:00 Coffee Break
11:20 "What Does It Feel Like to Be the Hero?" Affect and Heroics in Detroit: Become Human (2018) and Horizon: Zero Dawn (2017)
Nicole Falkenhayner (Freiburg, G)
12:10 Lunch
Panel 2: Aesthetics, Affect and the Heroic
13:00 Heroic Affect and the Sublime on Contemporary British Television: Beowulf and the Last Kingdom Barbara Korte (Freiburg, G)
13:50 Discovering New Dimensions: Affect and the Heroic in Doctor Who
Maria-Xenia Hardt (Freiburg, G)
14:40 Coffee Break
15:00 Between Marilyn and Snow White, Celebrity and Myth. The Female Prototype in the Postmodern Theatre Work of the Belgian Playwright Paul Pourveur
Geert Kestens (Leuven, B)
Panel 3: The Heroic, the Political and Mediatized Affect
15:50 Ecothriller Heroics. Disaster, Affect and Spectatorship in Fictions of Climate Change Christiane Hansen (Koblenz-Landau, G)
19:30 Diner

Samstag, 15 Dezember

9:15 Coffee
Panel 3 (continued): The Heroic, the Political and Mediatized Affect
9:30 "(No) Fauda/(No) Chaos": Affective Immersion and Heroism in the Netflix Series Fauda and Its Reception
Michiel Rys (Leuven, B)
10:20 Play Moods, Heroes of the Resistance and the Fanization of Politics on Twitter
Line Nybro Petersen (Odense, DK)
11:10 Coffee Break
11:30 Final Discussion
12:00 Sandwiches and Farewell
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